So how are we going to
help your business grow?
Our team is your team and together we will grow  your business.

At Analytics Consulting we provide industry leading local & offshore portfolio construction. We also offer a tailored investment process, local and offshore securities consulting, research and analysis, and due diligence.

Our focus is on lowering your total investment costs, while at the same time, increasing your revenue and diversifying your earnings streams, ensuring your business’ global growth.

We also enhance your governance and compliance, and help you professionally position your investment solutions by giving  you access to our marketing expertise. We hope that you will come to think of us as an extension of your business.

As part of your team, we will:

Improve Investment ProcessesImprove investment processes through dynamic, tailored investment consulting

Improve Business Efficiency
Improve the efficiency of your business through discretionary management, implemented investment consulting,operational & product support

Reduce Investment CostsReduce investment costs through aggregation and innovative implementation strategies – even after your costs and our costs

Increase RevenueIncrease your revenue through local and offshore business development strategies

Improved GovernanceImprove governance from advisory processes through to investment management & reduce the regulatory and legal risk inherent in your business

Marketing ExpertiseWe give you access to proven marketing expertise and support while freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business

The thinking behind our doing.

What makes us tick? Why do we get up and do what we do?
The simple answer is this: coffee & cream; Simon & Garfunkel.
It is the idea that while some things are great on their own, they can be even better together. And therefore, your investor’s success is your success and your success is ours.


This is the team of industry specialists who will help grow your business.


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